Star Hero’s Wife Scared of Heroine’s Closeness


HeroineHe is a star hero who is well-settled with his family. For a while, his closeness to a former heroine has become the talking point. Especially, the duo’s bonding on the sets of the film have been gossip for the unit people.

After learning through other sources, the star hero’s wife herself attended the shooting location and monitoring the situation. While initially everybody has thought that she is present due to her affection on her husband, but later it is known that she is presenting on sets to keep him under control and keep both her husband and his new friends at distance.

Since the star hero belongs to a reputable family, his wife is taking utmost care on him such that he won’t get a bad name. While affairs weren’t new for the actor, but her proximity to this ex heroine has worried his wife somehow.

Hope, it will soon be settled and business as usual for him and his wife.