Star singer Chinmayi Sripada’s appeal to her abusers


Chinmayi-SripadaChinmayi Sripada, one of the leading playback singers down south with several hit numbers that she sang for popular composers like AR Rahman, Ilayaraja and others, even gave her mesmerizing voice in Telugu for actresses like Samantha and Lavanya Tripathi. Recently, the star singer faced severe onslaught by a star Tamil hero’s fans all for just sharing a WhatsApp joke that featured their favorite hero.

While Chinmayi had no bad intentions and shared the joke on her Twitter page in jest, the so called fans attacked her, using several disgusting words like s**t. What has hurt and shocked the singer even more was that some of these abusing fans were highly educated doctors, engineers and IT Employees.

Last night, Chinmayi took to her Facebook and questioned her abusers and even others if this abusing trend was healthy. Chinmayi said that the internet must be an open platform for everyone to share one’s views and oppose them freely. However, the singer also poised an important question asking if abusing was the only way to express dissent.

While Chinmayi drew applause and support for her courageous stance, it is high time the so called emotional fans of all stars come to their senses and stop targeting celebs and even the fans of other stars on social media. These fans must realize that even their favorite stars do not appreciate their abusing ways. If only the fans learned to appreciate a joke as it is and not take it personally.