Why do stars skip Award Functions?


TejaFor a lay man observing from outside of Industry, it seems all plastic when an actor appreciates another actor. As they never attend any award functions even if they are nominated and the star who attends will definitely get an award. So the suspense factor that is the USP of these award functions seems absent for the common audience.  Even before the function starts, they can easily say this actor is going to get this award and if no one is present then the director or some other person will attend on behalf of them.

While in Bollywood, Mollywood, even in Kollywood, actors who are nominated make it to the function at least and then appreciate the other actor for giving a good performance in the film. But such healthy competition as always been found missing in our Telugu Industry. For this question, director Teja, tried to give a simplified answer. He said, ” Tollywood stars fear their fans and whenever they attend such functions they are not winning, they think their fans will be upset about it.”

Even the organisers of such events confirm that the actors ask who is winning the award first and then decide if they will be attending or not. Writer Kona Venkat said, “Awards for Bollywood and Hollywood actors are prestigious, while Telugu actors don’t feel the same.” Madhura Sreedhar sounded optimistic saying, ” Slowly things are changing, as the anchoring is now being done by popular actors and performances are also increasing. Soon everyone might turn up even to appreciate others.” For organisers the sportsmanship in industry is the key to save their events as unhealthy egos won’t help them continue in the business.