I did not stop crying for 24 hours: Kajal agarwal


Kajal-agarwalKajal agarwal is not just funny as she looks on screen and she is really sentimental as she looks on screen. Kajal did few sentimental scenes with her act of cry but when it comes to reality you won’t believe that Kajal is a real crying doll.

Kajal agarwal popular south Indian actress explains about an interesting day of her life which made her cry all the day and also she happy to cry one whole day. Kajal agarwal says that “I was so much connected with my sister Nisha agarwal that we both are best friends before birth and turned close sisters after birth”.

“I was happy that Nisha choose her own life and made a big decision of marriage and it grows happiness in me and also sadness that she won’t be with me from now. On the day she left back with her husband is the day I still remember that I cried one whole allowing no one to control me, I was happy and I was sad at a time and tears keeps on rolling from my eyes all day long” says Kajal.