Stop Fighting Over Three Superhits


Fidaa-and-Arjun-ReddyPelli Choopulu, Ami Thumi, Fidaa and now Arjun Reddy. They may not be path-breaking films like a Nayagan, Shankarabaranam or Dangal, but these four films are big super hits in the recent times. The unique factor that binds them is, they all have the protagonists speaking Telangana dialect and even the films set in urban Telangana background. And now, people are fighting over these blockbusters to own the victory, claiming that each of them is behind these hits.

While people from Telangana region are calling that this is #TelanganaShining, as all these days Tollywood used this region’s slang only for villains but not heroes. At the same time, Andhra Pradesh folks are claiming that these films made huge collections in Andhra and Rayalaseema region only because of their patronizing. Also, Andhraites are saying that then TG folks should stop calling Baahubali as “our” victory, but only they should call it as Andhra movie. Isn’t this fight sounding silly?

For a film to be made, people hailing from various language-backgrounds do take part in it whether it is a Telugu film or Andhra film or a Telangana film. A film like Pellichoopulu that boasted urbane Telangana was released by Suresh Babu whose family hails from Andhra. And a movie like Fidaa is helmed by Sekhar Kammula who has Andhra-roots. At the same time, the cameraman behind legendary Baahubali is a Tamilian and the story of Megastar’s 150th movie is given by a Tamil director. The lead actor who took Fidaa into people is a Tamil heroine, while the man who made Pelli Choopulu learned the tricks of direction from Newyork Film Academy run by foreigners.

So with every film, whether made with Telangana slang or Andhra slang, they will have a contribution from people with a different linguistic background. So it is better to call these films as “Telugu Films” rather creating the divide once again in Telugu as Telangana and Andhra movies.

Stop the fight, start loving. Hail Telugu cinema!!