Stop Nonsense About Sridevi


Sridevi has become the biggest news item for Indian media, these days. They are trying to find some or the other stories from her life to make them all sensational news items.

Tamil media started creating a relationship between Sridevi and Kamal Haasan to make it a big issue.

Kamal Haasan appeared visibly shocked and shaken after hearing about the death of Sridevi and even stated that he maintained a great relationship with her and her family after she retired.

He was so moved that he couldn’t hold back his tears in the video message he posted online. Media tried to dissect that and bring out a relationship story between them.

Kamal Haasan hit back at them and said, “Stopping stooping too low. Sridevi is like my sister. If you carefully watch me and her performing, it looks like she is trying to react exactly like me. I ate food from her mother’s hands and I always respected her for that. We never shared about it in public because people always used to show to young couple by showing us as the on-screen example. We wanted that image to not die, while we were acting together.”

Khusubu Sundar, the actress also blasted media for trying to bring out some or the other cooked up stories to bring down the image of Sridevi.

She also asked, “If Sridevi consumed alcohol, will that make her a bad person? Stop trying to make a big issue of nothing.”