Stop Selling Those Stories Please!


Haseena-ParkerIn the name of bringing out some real life stories to the silver screen, many filmmakers tried to make heroes out of cold blooded murders, gruesome rapes and gang robberies. And then, thanks to Ram Gopal Varma, who has glorified some real-life factionists through his movies. But what would anyone achieve with such films?

After factionists, murderers and rapists, now a film of a Gangster’s sister story is coming up. Joining the line of movies like Rakta Charitra, Vangaveeti and Dandupalyam, now Haseena Parker is coming up. Haseena is the story of dreaded criminal, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. This film will be followed by another gangster’s story ‘Daddy’ as well, which is a film on Arun Gawli, the head of a gang that killed Dawood’s sister’s husband.

All these so called films deal with the stories of anti-society elements and they simply glorifying them as heroes. If the story of a Milkha Singh (Baag Milka Baag) or Phogat (Dangal) or a Ramanujan is told on silver screen, at least some people find inspiration. But what is the message these stories are sending to the society? Except the fact that filmmakers are making money on glorified killings, sugar coated murders and political games, surely these films are just a piece of scrap.

It’s high time whole of Indian film industry realises the importance of not glorifying criminals as that will lead to production few more criminals in real time with its impact. Stop selling those stories folks!!