The Story Behind Fidaa’s Bhaadkaav Dialogue


Fidaa-Bhaadkaav“Bhaadakaav balisindera.. Bokkalu Iraggodata” is one popular dialogue of Sai Pallavi as she’s introduced as Bhanumati to us in Fidaa. It translates to, “I will break your bones you fool”. And some say Bhaadkaav is a pure cuss word which should not be used in films. Though many don’t know the meaning of it, some say it’s just a natural slang word without any meaning. So what’s that word anyway?

Those who hail from Andhra region might feel that Bhaadkaav has no literal meaning o it means just ‘a fool’. For people coming from Telangana backdrop, this word is a shocker if they know their old roots. There isn’t a proper definition of this word though many say it’s a bad word if we check with old folk of Hyderabad who speak the Deccani language and those Marathi settlers in Deccan region, this is sure a bad word.

Bhaad means ‘rent’ in a slang like usage. Bhaadkhaav is one who insists on the income derived from rent. This is something like a polished explanation. In Urdu and also in Marathi, Bhaadkhaav is an explicit term which means that one is living off the income of prostitutes. Money collected by girls who sell their body is called Bhaad and that explains what that word means.

Without getting into all such things, one wonders how come to Dil Raju who hails from Telangana and also from the place where there are prominent Maratha crowds, (Bodhan in Nizamabad) agreed to use such an explicit term for the film. Also, Sekhar Kammula might not have done the research on these cuss words before actually using it for the leading lady. If Kammula and Raju don’t know about the word, we can’t expect a Tamilian like Sai Pallavi to know it.