Story Behind Nag-JB’s Chow-Chow


Nagarjuna and Jagapathi Babu address each other as ‘Chow-Chow’ whenever they meet. Some people assumed it could be due to the caste factor.

In a recent interview, Jagapathi Babu explained: ‘Actually, Jagapathi Rao happens to be the name of my Grandfather. So, My Mother felt uncomfortable to call Me with her Father-in-Law’s name. She preferred Chowdary for her convenience. That has eventually become ‘Chow’ in my friends circle. It’s no way related to Caste’.

JB told he thinks about Nagarjuna at least once in every couple of days as Tollywood King lives his life to the fullest.

ANR and JB’s Father VB Rajendra Prasad shared a good rapport. Rajendra Prasad produced some memorable films of Akkineni and even their houses used to be at a close distance. Like his father, Jagapathi maintained such good relations with Akkinenis particularly Nagarjuna and his brother Venkat.

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