Story behind the name, ‘Krrish’!


director-KrrishFew names trigger interest in us to know about how they came into being. Be it a name like Parijatham or Abhitakuchalamba or Akira or Taimur and many more, they indulge us into a conversation. Same thing goes for the name of the Telugu director, Krrish. It is a name used for a famous superhero film, franchise starring Hrithik Roshan but it becoming the name of a Telugu director? Well, there is a story behind it and we want to share that with you.

Long time ago, when Jagarlamudi Radha Krishna, his full name, decided to go and work in US like many Telugu youth, he used to get annoyed by how his English colleagues used to call him. He used to work in a Finance organisation and many used to call him Krushna- Radhya-Jadi- Moodi.. As it is his Grandfather’s name, who is a respectable writer and freedom fighter, Krrish could not bear the insult to the name and he decided to tell everyone to call him as Krrish in a mass mail.

That’s the origin of the name Krrish. But here we do know how to call Radha Krishna and then why did he choose to use Krrish here too? Well, the director said, as there are Radha Krishna’s he continued to using Krrish as his name. The name, Krrish also makes him more cool and today’s generation maker, doesn’t it?