Story and Title of Kaala Stolen?


Kaala-posterSuperstar Rajinikanth’s films and plagiarism charges are inextricably linked. Almost all of his recent outings had at some stage faced plagiarism charges. The actor’s recently launched film ‘Kaala’ is no exception to this image damaging phenomenon.

A person named Rajasekaran has now filed a complaint with the Chennai City Police Commissioner alleging that the title and core plot of ‘Kaala Karikaalan’ has been stolen from him.

“I had penned a story for Rajinikanth and titled it as ‘Karikaalan’. During my attempts to meet him, I met his Fans Club’™s President in 1996 and shared the story idea and title with him. I got surprised when I saw the posters and title of Rajini’s new film recently. They seemed to have made a few changes but the title and central plot belongs to me,” he allegedly mentioned in his complaint letter.

Rajesekaran claimed that he had registered the title ‘Karikaalan’ with the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce back in 1996 itself. He now demanded the Police Commissioner to take immediate action against the makers of ‘Kaala’ for stealing his story and title.

Dhanush, the producer of ‘Kaala’ has yet to respond. Meanwhile, the film’s shooting is progressing in Mumbai.