The story of Tubelight in 10 points


Tubelight-StorySalman Khan is back with yet another Eid release. Directed by Kabir Khan, the film hits the screens in India on June 23. The film has already got its share of positive coverage and controversies and all eyes are set on the box office now. This Friday will see Salman probably breaking some records and creating new ones, like every other year.

Salman Khan and Kabir Khan have joined hands for Tubelight after 2015’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan, the film that made Salman win over even the harshest of his critics. His good-boy act in the film struck a chord with many, and Khan is all set now to recreate that magic with Tubelight too. The promos and songs have already established the fact that Salman is playing a soft, nice character yet again and now all that remains to be seen is whether or not Bhai is able to cast his spell on the audience this Eid.

Tubelight is an official adaptation of the 2015 Hollywood film Little Boy. Before you go into the theatres to watch Salman Khan in Tubelight, have a look at the story that the film is based on. While we’re pretty sure director Kabir Khan has added his touches to Tubelight, here is the story the film is based on, condensed in 10 points.

1. Laxman and Bharat, played by Salman and Sohail Khan respectively, are brothers. When the 1962 India-China war is announced, Bharat goes to serve in the Army.

2. Laxman and Bharat are extremely close to each other, as is evident from the promos that have already been released.

3. After Bharat goes to fight the war, Laxman is devastated.

4. Soon, there is news that Bharat has been killed in the war. In Little Boy, the protagonist, Pepper, is the one who receives the news of his father’s death in World War II.

5. And this is where the oft-quoted-in-Tubelight-promos ‘yakeen’ enters the scene. Little Boy too had at its core faith and how it could move mountains.

6. After hearing of Bharat’s death, Laxman decides to go looking for his brother. He is unwilling to believe that his brother Bharat has been killed in the war.

7. Laxman befriends the Chinese child played by Martin Ray Tangu. Since India and China are at war with each other, the act of befriending someone from the ‘enemy nation’ is a big deal for an Indian at this juncture.

8. With the help of his friend from across the border, Laxman begins searching for his brother.

9. Laxman gets to know that there was a case of mistaken identity, and his brother Bharat was alive after all. Bharat’s boots were on someone else’s feet when the latter was killed, and he was identified as Bharat because of the shoes.

10. Laxman finally meets Bharat and the pair of shoes – the boots that we see around Salman’s neck in the posters of Tubelight – is returned to their original owner.

While the story of Little Boy is out there for everyone to see, what everyone is waiting for with bated breath is how Salman Khan is going to breathe life into his Laxman.