Sudeep breaks his silence on divorce news


Sudeep-breaks-his-silencePopular Kannada and ‘Eega’ fame actor Kichcha Sudeep today broke his silence after he and his wife Priya filed a petition for divorce.

The news had sent shockwaves across the industry and his fan base.

Sudeep tweeted to thank his fans for their support during a tough moment of his life. He also thanked the media for not blowing up the news out of proportion.

Sudeep tweetd thus: “Things go right n things go wrong..tats’s a time I need fr myslf n my family..All i ask for at this moment is a time for myslf. I understand th concern n curiosity..All i can say is we all are here to teach as well learn..I’m happy about th support n luv tats comin in. I also thank media for not blowing it outta propotion..probably tats th luv n respect I hv earned n u have shown.. tnx once again. It’s a family affair n I appreciate all fr giving me tat space .. loads of love and respect… shal be wth u all soon …And to all those who r responsible fr me to see this day,,,,tnx a ton 🙂 .. stay happy n blessed… I wsh only good to all. Spoke to as many channels n press as possible cz I dont wish to hide or run away.. as for those to whom I cldnt spk to…apologies.. I stil hv lots to complete amidst this situatuon as i hv given my word..Need to keep up my word.u all tc n stay blessd.Shl be wth u all soon. Tnx fr all th support,wshs n luv..tats all my family needs nw..Every tweet means a lot.. tnx for being understanding n fr th support.”