Sudheer Babu did not have money to pay even spot boy!


Sudheer-BabuFilm Industry is such a place where you either go on a successful path or you struggle hard until you finally find the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Until you get that break no matter whomever you’re the consuming quality of this art form drowns you into it further and further and if you stick around it will finally shine the light. Even Sudheer Babu, who has made a mark for himself now had to go through such a phase.

He shared in one of his latest interviews that he had to struggle hard to even pay for a spot boy in his office one day. He said, ” I always wanted to prove myself as a businessman and had a vibe for style. So, I kept an export-import business during 2006-07. My bad luck.. dollar value has gone down and many other reasons have helped for my failure that time. My parents thought if I get married then I will have some settled thinking and they found Priyadarshini for me. My mom knew her grand mother through devotional meets and that’s how they approached us.”

He added, ” I did not want to marry at first but soon liked Priyadarshini and her character, so agreed to marry her. After that I tried to work on my acting skills and practised in an old shut down coffee shop at Padmalaya Studios. Showed that reel to Mahesh and told him I am doing SMS remake. He was surprised by my video and then suggested me to approach a producer rather than me becoming one. I and my friends suffered hard to get money to complete the movie as I did not want to take money from my parents or take help of Krishna garu’s family name. During the time, I used to cry on outer ring road unable to understand what to do next and how to go forward. I could not even pay my spot and he understood me and waited for me to give him the money. Finally, when I understood I should do different cinema then Prema Katha Chitram and it changed my life.”

Well, even for those who come with a sliver spoon and many contacts, it is not easy to become a success in this Industry!