Sukumar Complements on Mahanati


Sukumar has been the director everyone talking about after the release of Rangasthalam. He is said to be a genius in every aspect.

But then, Nag Ashwin came up with Mahanati in the gap of a month and many are praising him now.

Normally, egoistic directors as professional jealousy is highly common wouldn’t really appreciate another director wholeheartedly. But Sukumar is different, he showed his down-to-earth attitude with a letter of Appreciation to Nag Ashwin. He wrote,

“I was trying to call you Nag Ashwin after watching the movie.

I was unable to connect to your number. An old lady came close to me and asked, “If I was the director?” I thought she is asking if I’m a director and said, Yes.

She immediately thanked me for showing her Savitri very beautifully on screen.

I couldn’t hold my tears.

I enjoyed for a moment being you, she mistook me for you but gave me ultimate pleasure of being you, Mahanati director for few minutes.

This is how much I loved the film. I can’t say much more than this.

-Sukumar (Nag Ashwin for few minutes)

I hope she never finds, I am not you!”

To say to a fellow young director, who is not as experienced as him, that he was happy to be known as him, even by mistake, just shows his humility and big heart.