Sukumar, Rajamouli And A Cricket Match


More than the trailers, teaser of the films is creating the curiosity among the audience. The fans are eagerly awaiting the teaser release. The industry people also liked this trend and have been taking extra measures in making the teaser videos. Now, the makers have prepared the teaser of cricket match played by movie celebrities.

Director S.S.Rajamouli took the Indian Film Industry to the next level with the epic series of Baahubali. Director Sukumar is one of the intelligent directors in the industry. The duo recently played a friendly cricket match. The teams S.S.Rajamouli 11 and Sukumar 11 played the match with the technicians who work for the respective directors. They started the match after a long net practice. After the toss, Rajamouli’s team got the batting opportunity first. The teaser showed Rajamouli encouraging his team members.

The members in the team, who won the match, their scores will be revealed later. On the other hand, Sukumar is helming Ram Charan’s upcoming venture Rangasthalam. The fans are asking why is he concentrating on the match without even releasing the trailer of the film. Sukku is yet to respond on this and unveil the teaser of his film.