Sukumar reveals Nithiin’s secret!


Sukumar-reveals-Nithiin-secDirector Sukumar’s first film is Arya with Allu Arjun. Everyone thinks Bunny listened to the story and immediately agreed to do it. That’s true but in that story, people also say Sukumar just narrated the story to only him and no one else. But Sukumar revealed that it’s not true.

He shared the secret saying, ” Nithiin and I became friends, as he is the hero of the film, Dil for which I worked as an assistant to director, V.V. Vinayak. After the film too, we remained friends and I saw him cry like a baby when Pawan Kalyan’s Johnny flopped. I know which what passion he loves Pawan Kalyan. As he is my friend, I narrated the rough idea long time back to Nithiin before telling the story to Allu Arjun and in that way, Nithiin is my first hero.”

He talked about the producers of the movie, LIE, 14 Reels Entertainment, ” I worked with them for Nenokkadine and I saw their passion for the craft. With the movie, I also saw how much they lost and still they are producing films with a great passion. For them, I hope this movie will be a big blockbuster. I always wanted to see Nithiin in a tough character and in this film, he seems to be playing one. I should thank Hanu for realising my dream to see Nithiin tough on screen.”