Sukumar tries his sentiment on Mahesh Babu


Sukumar-tries-his-sentimentThe film industry takes us into a dream world that is normally impossible for anyone to experience in the real life. Their technical expertise and creativity virtually creates a whole new world before us and it simply absorbs us into it without our knowledge and consent. However to make their own dreams come true, people in film industry strictly follow their own kind of some sentiments that appears very silly for the people.

If a director thinks that if he watches his movie in a particular theater in his home town it will become super hit, people may surprise for his sentiment. If an actor follows it as a tradition to visit Tirupati Balaji temple before release of his every film praying the god for success, people can understand it. If, another director thinks that preparing script for his film in a particular hotel in Bangkok only can makes his film super hit, people may wonder how? Even Kala Tapasvi, K. Viswanath, who delivered several musical hits, glued to letter ‘S’ for his film titles. He believes it will ensure his film becomes a big hit, but sometimes it didn’t work.

Prince Mahesh babu, who firmly stick to three letter title until now is boldly trying ‘1’ Nenokkadine, hoping he can break his sentiment. However, he can’t stop his director Sukumar from trying his own sentiment on him of hero wearing spectacles. Sukumar bagged hits with this sentiment in films Arya-2 and 100 % Love. So, he again applies the same thumb rule to Mahesh babu, who obliged it for the sake of hit. Mahesh babu looks very different wearing the glasses. Earlier he wore it in his film Nijam movie directed by Teja, but he looks very handsome in this movie.