Suma is endorsing brands now!


Suma-BRP-Pipes-and-FittingsWe can say that Suma is the top anchor in Telugu TV channels without any second thought.  Anchoring.. organizing game filmy functions.. whatever you take.. no one can beat her.  That is the reason why her craze is increasing by leaps and bounds with the each passing day.  This top anchor is proving her talent in other aspects apart fom anchoring these days.

Suma has shown her singing talent recently with the song ‘Suya suya..’ for the movie ‘Winner’.   This has proved that Suma has talents other than anchoring.  On the other hand, it has become a hot topic that she has been invited for a shop opening.  Even though it is a spa opening.. this incident has shown the people how she is enjoying craze among the audience. Coming to the present, she got an offer to promote a brand.

Suma has been choosen as brand ambassador for BRP Pipes & Fittings.  They held and press meet and officially announced that they have signed Suma as brand ambassador.  They are going to shoot ads on Suma soon.  If the ads get good response from the public.. Suma will become busy as a brand ambassador also. Wow.. your journey is really inspiring Suma.