Suman Clarifies About Gossips On Chiru


Suman-Clarifies(1)Some gossips are so strong in film industry that they are carrying forward from years. Among one such things, the most silently talked and which is being forced on youngsters is that Megastar Chiranjeevi has killed the career of hero Suman, he got him behind the bars such that his own career will take an upward route. Is this true?

On the occasion of his birthday, hero Suman has given interviews to some TV channel. Few enthusiastic young TV anchors who doesn’t even know the proper history of Telugu cinema have dared to ask Suman, if Chiranjeevi has killed his career. An irritated Suman responded fiercely. “What are you talking? 200% he’s not responsible for that and he’s not such a guy. Chiru is a devotee of Lord Hanuman and he never indulges in such things. In fact, he gave me break by roping me as character artist in his films”, said Suman. Probably that should clear all the air.

Cut to past, at the peak of his career, Suman got jailed in Tamilnadu under goonda act. Many believe that he’s arrested for some other causes, but Suman himself recently shared in Open Heart with RK that a close of aide of our neighbourhood state’s CM is responsible for that. Gossip says, Suman declined to marry his daughter, so he had his revenge.