Sumanth And His Sister Appear Before Court


Sumanth Yarlagadda and Supriya, appeared before Markhapur Court, Prakasam District over a check bounce case.

Both of them, in association with John Sudheer produced the movie, Naruda Donaruda.

The movie failed at the box office and a financer, who gave money for the film production, asked for return payment.

Supriya and John, gave a check and it got bounced at the bank. The financier dragged them to court due to some hearted verbal exchanges between the two parties it seems.

As they appeared before the Court, they asked for sometime to pay off the dues and also, asked the financier to withdraw the case it seems.

Well, the other updates regarding the issue have not come out and why such a scenario has come up that Supriya, who heads Annapurna Studios operations, had to appear before Court, we do not know yet.