Sundeep Kishan Is Not Like That


SK-Basheed-AllegationsSundeep Kishan’s thriller movie ‘Project Z’ recently hit the theatres. The makers have released the movie just for name sake with zero promotions. As per the latest flash, there is a dispute going on between lead actor Sundeep Kishan and producer Basheed which is why Sundeep neither gave the dubbing and nor participated in the post-production works. On this note Basheed lashed out on Sundeep and made some serious comments.

He blamed Sundeep that he intentionally didn’t gave dubbing for his character and haven’t attended the promotions. He also claimed that Sundeep is the reason why his previous movie ‘Nakshatram’ producer got a heart attack. Though Sundeep has never responded on this matter, one of producers of Nakshatram, Venu Gopal reacted. He stated that it is a fact that their Nakshatram movie became a flop and they have faced a huge loss because of it but lead actor Sundeep has never troubled them in any manner. He admired Sundeep that he did a lot of hardwork for the film, had a lot of injuries and yet supposed the team well with utmost commitment. Venu Gopal added that Sundeep has never created an issue for them.

As they believed in the script they did the film but the movie failed at the box office. Venu Gopal said that success and failures are very common in this industry and they have accepted their failure. He also clarified that he has never got a heart attack and also gave a strong warning that if anyone made further comments they will take legal action on them.