Sundeep Kishan Stayed 2 Hrs Daily Under Hot Sun!


Sundeep-Kishan-Stayed-2Actors follow several techniques to look natural in the film.  Some actors go for body transformation by gaining weight or shedding excess weight. But the case of Sundeep Kishan is different. He said to have sweat hard for the upcoming film ‘Nakshatram’.

Sundeep Kishan has been working for ‘Nakshatram’ for the past one and half year approximately. Sundeep used to stay in the hot sun daily for two hours as per the information. He has done this for nearly 120 days according to the unit members. Why did Sundeep do all this? Sundeep used to do that because he had to appear dark for the role. He used to run under the hot sun to get tanning.

Krishna Vamsi said to have asked him to do that daily to give a natural feel to Sundeep’s characterization. Sundeep is basically not a fair skinned guy. Moreover, this special exercise made him much darker. Whatever be the case, Sundeep worked hard for the role and tried to do justice as per the director’s requirement. We have to wait and see how many marks he will get from the audience for his hard work.