Sunil Sir.. Watch This Comedian


Sunil-Srinivas-ReddyWe all know the range of Sunil when he was a comedian. When he was at the peak of his career, his craze was more than that of Brahmanandam.  In fact, Sunil was the first Telugu comedian who used to charge a few lakhs per day.  When Sunil slowed down in his career, Brahmi occupied the top slot again.. and he charged more remuneration than Sunil.   Sunil taking up hero characters by leaving comedian roles has helped Brahmi.

As Sunil scored few hits as a hero initially, he thought of himself as a big hero.  He left his core strength comedy..and tried to project himself as a mass hero.   His trials to prove himself as a mass hero has spoiled his career.  Even his comedian career has ended.  He is presently standing at the cross roads in his career.

Some other comedians have become heroes after Sunil.  We have to specially mention Srinivas Reddy among them.  Srinivas Reddy’s first film as a hero was ‘Geethanjali’.. second film ‘Jayammu Nischayammuraa’.. the recent film ‘Anando Brahma’ are strong in content.   You won’t find ‘heroism’in those three films.  But still Srinivas Reddy played a crucial role in these films. He has helped the makers in the backend in the making of the film as well.  But he has not pressurized them to highlight his character..asked them for intro songs.. fights etc.

If we take ‘Jayammu Nischayammuraa’, he acted as a full-fledged hero but he traveled with the story.. he didn’t show ‘heroism’ in the film.   Even his recent release ‘Anando Bramha’, he is one of the lead actors.  He knows about his strengths very well.  He is choosing good stories and not going overboard.  Moreover, he is continuing the comedian roles as well.  If we compare Sunil with Srinivas Reddy, Sunil range might be bigger..but he has to learn a lot from Srinivas Reddy.  Not only Sunil but all the comedian who are planning to become heroes should take a cue from Srinivas Reddy on how to mould their career.