Sunny Leone Lingerie for Auction


It is not enough to make a good movie, the makers must also come up with a good plan to promote it so that the audience can come to the theatres and patronize it. As part of this, the makers keep coming up with various innovative methods but sometimes it tends to cross the line.

The reason we say this is due to this update. It is heard that Pooja Bhatt, the director of the Hindi movie ‘Jism 2’ has decided to do an auction of the entire wardrobe of its lead cast. And here is the twist. It is heard that the items to be auctioned also involves the lingerie of the adult star Sunny Leone.

Sunny is seen sporting bra and bikini in few scenes along with some revealing outfits. Pooja has decided to put them on sale. This would be done through online mode and to cover the whole thing up, it is announced that the proceeds of the auction would be given away to charity. Strange but true…