Sunny Leone’s Debut Home Production Will Feature Her As A Superwoman


sunny-leoneWell, we all knew Sunny Leone had a certain ‘power’ over audiences (largely male, is our approximate guess) that makes her the most-googled Indian celebrity of our times.

But in her upcoming home production with husband Daniel Weber (who is making his own Bollywood debut with Dangerous Husn soon), the adult-star-turned-Bollywood-actress will be playing a true-blue superheroine, according to a report in Mumbai Mirror.

Leone told Mirror that the character is “super badass” and it would have an entire back-story that explains the source of her powers. “We shoot first, with me in an eyeball-grabbing superhero outfit, a bright cape and special powers. Then, we bring out a comic book series revolving around my character as well as other merchandise,” she was quoted as saying. “We are spinning the story from scratch — from the superwoman’s back-end story to how she came to possess her powers, like they do in the Marvel cinematic universe. It’s something Bollywood has not fully explored.”

The actress has recently finished shooting for her first action flick, Tina And Lolo, and seems to be relishing the prospect of doing more action sequences. She added that her superwoman avatar was a lot like her, with only a little that has been “made up”.

This will be the first home production by the couple’s new banner, which is in addition to their already-existing production house in Los Angeles. Reportedly, the pre-production for the film has been completed and it should be on the floors by next month.

Given Leone’s phenomenal popularity as well as the general worldwide success of superhero flicks, it might be safe to say that this is a combination that has everything going for it right now. Well, in theory at least.