Sunny’s Condom Ad Debate In Assembly


Sunny-Leone-manforceThe recent and popular condom advertisement featuring the Bollywood’s most-sought Sunny Leone is not just the most-talked one among usual TV viewers, but the sensational ad has been subject of discussion in state assembly too. Read on…

A congress MLA from Goa – St. Andre Francis Silveira, who sought the consent of assembly speaker Pramod Sawant to use the word ‘condom’ in house, has demanded a ban on condom advertisements, featuring the former porn-star Sunny Leone, in all the buses run by state transport corporation.

Raising the protest against such condom advertising in buses, the opposition party legislator slammed the state government and asked for a ban on them immediately. As part of a deal signed between the condom company & Kadamba Transport Corp, the buses are displaying those ads.

Silveira said that since these buses will be used by students, ‘such advertisements should not be displayed, it shames us’. He further added that – ‘What are these ads telling Goans. Students use buses… Goans use the bus.’