Superstar is in ads as well


The buzz about Mahesh Babu’s upcoming movie has already begun. Bharath Ane Nenu is slated to get released in 2 more weeks on April 20th. With the recently organized audio function, the movie unit has created enough hype about the film. Now, to take the movie into the audience there are also releasing the making videos as well.

Whatever the video may be, we can always see ads before starting the video on YouTube. These ads will be random. But interestingly, only Mahesh Babu ads are coming before starting of videos related to Mahesh Babu. Especially before playing the Bharath Ane Nenu videos, Mahesh Babu is appearing in the ad as well. Not only is a movie star but Mahesh is a big star in ad endorsements as well.

We can say that none of the other south heroes has more ads than Mahesh. Needless to say, every single video of Bharath Ane Nenu is getting millions of views and as the ads are also of Mahesh’s it has become a double dose for the fans. It seems like the companies are also planning to set their ads and promote their products.