Suresh Babu’s Theatre Burnt


Suresh-BabuProducer-distributor-exhibitor and Studio owner Suresh Babu-owned theatre was caught in fire and burnt. The incident was reported in Chirala of Prakasam district. Suresh Mahal theatre in Chirala was totally burnt due to a short-circuit.

The short-circuit occurred when a few workers were making repairs in the cinema. Huge fire said to have erupted due to the short-circuit and in no time, it spread wildly engulfing the entire cinema. Fortunately, no one is there in the cinema hall as it was under repair.

The loss is estimated to be around Rs 2 Crores. Usually, Suresh Babu takes utmost care when it comes to his properties and ensures that his staff work perfectly. Despite the necessary measures, the unfortunate incident was reported incurring loss.

Suresh Babu is yet to respond on the incident. Currently, he is busy with the release of Nene Raju Nene Mantri (August 11, 2017 release) that is co-produced by himself and starring his son Rana Daggubati.