Surgery To Lose Weight Caused Dasari’s Death?


Dasari-Narayana-RaoTelugu cinema legend Dasari Narayana Rao’s sudden death has come as a huge shock to film industry. He was all hale and hearty until six months ago. So, what really happened in the last six months that led to his death?

Dasari was first admitted into hospital on January 31. After recuperating over a period of two months in hospital, he was discharged on March 28. He looked fine and even celebrated his 75th birthday on May 4. He however was admitted in the hospital towards the end of May and this time, it proved fatal. Now, Dasari’s daughter has revealed that the ‘Balloon Surgery’ that he underwent for the second time cost him his life.

“Last year, my father underwent Balloon surgery in order to lose weight. It worked well then. He underwent the same surgery for the second time in January this year. A different doctor performed the surgery on him this time. Something went wrong and he started feeling uneasiness. When he was admitted in the hospital, doctors informed us that the surgery failed. After so many subsequent surgeries and two months of medication, his condition got stable and was discharged at the end of March.

After coming home, he used to take only liquid food through a tube fixed to his stomach. A month later, he decided to undergo another surgery that can correct the damage done by the Balloon surgery and restore his ability to take food through his mouth. For that, he was again admitted in hospital in May third week. Unfortunately, this surgery also failed and all body organs started failing one by one. And, the fatal thing happened on May 30,” she narrated the happenings in chronological order.