Suriya replaced Vikram in ’24’


Suriya-replaced-VikramIt is known that Suriya is acting in Vikram K Kumar’s new film and Suriya’s 2D productions will be producing it. Now the latest is before five years, the story of this new project was narrated to Vikram and even the film was

titled as ’24’.

24 was produced by Mohana Natrajan and Illeana was the heroine, later the film got dropped and now Vikram K Kumar is a big name in Telugu film industry, thanks to his hit films viz., Manam and Ishq.

Vikram K Kumar has himself has said that the main plot is same as the script narrated to Vikram but he has changed the screenplay in the past 5 years and he has added many new dimensions in terms of narration.

Vikram K Kumar has said that the new film is an action adventure.