Sushanth Break This Unpleasant Happening


Officer, Hello, Yuddam Saranam and Malli Raava. Do they ring any bell? Yes, they all are films of Akkineni heroes Nagarjuna, Akhil, Chay and Sumanth respectively, and they have another interesting yet unpleasant tag associated to them.

Actually, all the above said films are either below-average movies or disasters at the box office and they are the last released movies of the said Akkineni heroes. Owing to that, now everyone is wondering if another Akkineni hero who is testing his luck on coming July 27th.

With all of the heroes from Akkineni khandan coming up with unimpressive stuff, everyone is waiting for Sushant to break the unpleasant happening. And his “Chi La Sow” is looking promising to do the same. touted to be a romantic comedy directed by hero Rahul Ravindran, already the film’s teasers caught the attention of many. And with not many romantic comedies around during the time of release, Sushant got all the advantage to do well.

Also Akkineni family is gearing up to see Supriya coming back to the silver screen with “Goodachari” which is hitting cinemas on August 3, 2018.