SVR’s role played by Anjali in Challani Talli


We cannot forget the one scene in evergreen classic Mayabazar where Ghatotkacha in the guise of Sasirekha scares everyone and there is fun too. In the song Savitri as Sasirekha imitated SVR who played Ghatotkacha so superbly.

There are many cases wherein makers pen scripts interchanging male and female roles. But in a rare incident an entire film penned elevating a hero is later changed to a female centric film.

In this story of blast from past, hero is a devotee of Lord Ram. He gives shelter to a mother, daughter and looks after them for 20 years. While performing his daughter’s marriage, he knows a shocking secret that they are wife and daughter of a criminal who brutally murdered his son. He however with generous heart forgives them completely.

Makers casted SV Ranga Rao in the lead role and even completed first schedule. But the project was about to be shelved as SVR passed away before second schedule. At that time Dukkipati Madhusudhana Rao, writer Gollapudi Maruti Rao held discussions and changed the hero centric film to female centered entertainer and completed it with Anjali Devi in the lead. The film released as Challani Talli in 1975.