SVSC affected Anjali’s career?


anjaliSeetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu is one of the best movies made in Telugu cinema in the recent times. It will surely be remembered as the classic of this era. Anjali who played the role of Seetha in this film has turned instantly popular in our state. However, she is not very much happy about doing that film.

Anjali has always dreamt of making mark as a glamorous heroine. But SVSC has given her the image of girl-next-door and she is finding it tough to come out of it. Despite her requests to the filmmakers to come up with glamorous roles, she has been getting similar type of characters.

Anjali is not being entertained by young heroes as she got that matured image by acting opposite Venkatesh. Currently she has no single Telugu film on her hands. Even the offers from Tamil cinema have been dried off. Her personal problems also have resulted in her downfall. Anjali is hoping for a miracle to happen soon in her career to get back on track.