Swastika Playing a mother much older than my age


Swastika-MukherjeeDelving into the nuances of relationship after the public adulation of ‘Ichhe’ by a fellow film-maker, director Raj Mukherjee’s ‘Rupe Tomai Bholabo Na’ will confront the audience with another twist in mother-daughter tryst, actor Swastika Mukherjee said today.

“Yes I am portraying a character of mother and my screen daughter is nearly half of my age,” the Kadalibela in ‘Bhooter Bhabisyot’ said. Observing she was playing a mom much older than her age for the first time, Swastika said, “Being a mom it was easy for me to relate to the character but this time I am waiting for directors to give me a role of different shades.”

“In ‘Krishnakaanter Will’ also I had portrayed a character much older than me when I was much younger in age. I am happy with that role also which marked an important phase of my career and enriched my repertoire,” she said at the film’s announcement press meet.

“But now I may ask Mainak (Bhowmik) to give me a role much younger than I am,” Sawstika said when asked what lies next after ‘Maach Misti and More’ and yet unreleased ‘Ami Aar Amar Girlfriend’, bith women-centric movies.

Swastika, who will have a cameo in Srijit Mukherjee’s next flick on the exploits of Bengali sleuth Kakababu, immortalised by late Sunil Gangopadhyay, said, “I would love to portray any role with negative shades!”

“I am dying to get such a role, not hardcore villain type, since characters of different shades are more in vogue now. But a character with negative shades,” she said. On the similarities between the chemistry of characters of the mother-son in Shiboprasad Mukhopadhyay’s superhit ‘Ichhe’ and ‘Roope Tomai Bholabo Na’, Swastika said “only similarities lie in both movies delving into nuances of ties.”

Raaj Mukherjee, a self-confessed Rabindra Sangeet addict, said the Tagore track ‘Rupe Tomay Bholabona’ was more used as a metaphor to define the character of the mother, who is exceedingly beautiful despite her age, and only Swastika could fit in that role.

“My film deals with the psychological tension between a celebrity mother (Swastika) and her daughter (Ananya Sarkar) while critically acclaimed actor and theatre personality Kaushik (Sen) essayed Swastika’s on-screen husband.

Being part of the showbiz and a celebrity actor, Swastika could be the automatic choice,” the director said.

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