Swathi Got Nervous When He Tied Knot


Swathi-Got-NervousNearly there are 40-50 people around her. That’s Colors Swathi sitting on the pedestal, dressed in white saree, and keeping her head down. Two hands have emerged and tied the sacred yellow thread around her neck. There is this elated vibe around the pedestal, and people started to cheer and bless them. But this sudden marriage made Swathi nervous and a bit frightened too.

“How people have courage to really get married? That’s one scary moment for me. When actor Naveen Chandra is tying knot around my neck during ‘Tripura’ shoot, I got stunned. Also I failed to understand why the Junior artists around as are quite excited”, says Swathi, explaining her feelings during filming of that scene. In this upcoming thriller movie, Swathi will seeing vague and weird things in dreams and they come true in real life. “There is connection between science and intuition and that’s what we explained here” she adds.

Leaving her bubbly child-like looks, Swathi has now jumped into much more matured role for sure. We have to see how far she convinces audiences with this film before scoring a big hit. Director Raj Kiran of “Geethanjali” fame is making Tripura.