Did Taapsee underwent lip surgery?


TaapseeBeautiful actress Tapsee Pannu entered the Telugu Film Industry with Jummandi Nadam movie under the direction of Raghavendra Rao. The actress played boldly in her debut film itself and became popular for the glamorous roles. However as she failed to get hits in the industry, she changed the genre and is coming back with a horror comedy this time.

Tapsee Pannu is busy promoting her upcoming horror flick Anando Brahma. Rumor is going around in the social media that Tapsee underwent lips surgery for the movie. Netizens are saying that her lips in her previous were not like that the change is visible. They are also claiming that her smile also changed a bit. It is not uncommon for heroines to undergo surgeries. From Sridevi to Shruti Hassan, so many actresses opted surgeries to look beautiful and received hits. It seems like Tapsee is also expecting a much-needed hit with Anando Brahma.

Even though the change after surgery is visible, most of the heroines strike off the news claiming that they are only rumors. Obviously, there is no chance that Tapsee will admit this too. However, some people are stating that Tapsee underwent a surgery and fans are arguing saying nothing happened like that.