Talk of the Town: How Is Maharshi?


The buzz of the movie, Maharshi changed with the theatrical trailer and the confidence in Mahesh Babu’s face. As the Avengers EndGame buzz came down, the movie could get good amount of eyes on it with the pre-release event.

The censor reports have suggested that the movie theme is too good and Mahesh Babu’s performance is top notch.

Now, some of the few producers and close members of team who saw the film are saying few exciting things about the film.

We can say that these are the highlights of the film. The first one is that Mahesh’s performance in the first half of the film as a ruthless business man is fresh and never seen before kind of an experienced it seems. Also, in college scenes he looked different from before, it seems.

Second highlight is said to be the scene with Sai Kumar and third one, the scene with farmers in government office.

Fourth is the pre-climax warning scene to villains and fifth is the farmers walking with Mahesh Babu from all the villages near by.

The variations that Mahesh brought in the second half and press meet scene are other highlights, it seems. On the whole, movie is a commercial film with Mahesh in top form, it seems.

Vamshi Paidipally handled everything well and producers are hence doubly confident about the film.

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