Talk Of Town: Geetha Arts Cooling Effect!


Geetha Arts came up with an idea that none of the production houses have implemented till date. Management of this Prestigious Banner began distributing buttermilk bottles for Traffic Cops and GHMC Workers in Hyderabad. This is a good gesture towards those who have been doing their duty inspite of the scorching heat wave.

Allu Entertainment branding on the Stickers of the Buttermilk Bottles grabs the eye-balls. ‘In this hot summer to counter the heat wave, We are distributing buttermilk bottles to traffic cop & GHMC workers who are performing their duty on roads. Buttermilk, apart from Quenching thirst, is also good for health. This is being practised daily all over Hyd city,’ read a post on the official Twitter Handle of Geetha Arts.

Apparently, Geetha Arts has been extending the cooling effect to the public servants in different parts of the city. Will this initiative lasts till the end of Summer?

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