Tamanna & Shruti’s Sleeping Desires


Tamanna-&-ShrutiBusy with work and travel all the time, hot heroines Tamanna and Shruti Haasan are sharing some interesting stuff. They want to sleep whenever they get time, and wherever it is possible to sleep. Because to have a soft bed, cuddling pillows and soft scent in the air is not possible all the time.

“One should be able to sleep like a Panda, as it will sleep wherever it gets sleep, and in any position it wants”, says Tamanna. “I’m also the same type. We both have same pinch”, adds Shruti Haasan immediately. Both these starlets are one of those good friends gangs who meet and greet each other, and also hangout together.

Talking further about her sleeping desires, Shruti adds, “I just want either a seat in airplane or two plastic seats on a film set. It gets me going”. Many busy actresses are generally sleep deprived because most of their time goes into travelling, makeup and wearing costumes. Maybe they should take tips from these two hotties.

On films front, Tamanna is looking forward for Bengal Tiger release, while Shruti failed to scored hat-trick recently after back to back successes of Srimanthudu and Welcome Back. Her Puli haven’t impressed at all.