Were Tamannah Scenes Chopped Off?


Tamannaah-Baahubali-2Rajamouli has been saying from long time that Tamannah will not have much role in ‘Baahubali: The Conclusion’..and Anushka will have much bigger role.  But whenever media questioned Tamannah about this, she denied it.   She has even reiterated that her role is crucial in ‘Baahubali 2’ in an interview which was given just before the release of ‘Baahubali: The Conclusion’.

She has also told that the climax portion has been shot on her.  She revealed that she has been trained in war sequences and horse riding.  But reality is completely different on the screen.  She has appeared five minutes at the maximum in entire ‘Baahubali: 2’.   Moreover she appeared as if she was just there and she has no role to play.  She doens’t even have single dialogue in the film.  There is no focus on her during the war sequences also.  She doesn’t even get noticed except in the scene where she walks to Agni Prastham as security to Devasena.

Fans would have been satisfied if she was shown marrying Mahendra Baahubali.. that was not even shown in the film.  If the reality is like this.. how Tamannah claimed that she has played crucial role in the film ?

The unit members are saying that some scenes were picturized on Tamannah for the second part.. as the movie became lengthier, those scenes were chopped off on the editing table. Whatever be the reasons.. Tamannah’s less screen time and less importance to her character is going to disappoint her fans for sure.