Tamannah’s Theory on Heroine Life Style


Tamannah Bhatia is one of the top heroines in the film industry. The actress did well in Telugu, Tamil industries and even made her debut in Bollywood film industry. The actress recently opened up about the life of an actress and what goes into the making of a star heroine to entertain the audiences.

“Many people think that we heroines lead a luxurious life which is not true. We encounter a lot of problems in our daily lives. None of us is enjoying our lives to the fullest. We work round the clock in the shoots and have to get ready instantly whenever the shot is ready. We don’t even find time to spend with family members. We cant even eat the food that we wanted. We hit the Gym every day and spend the maximum time over there. When I see ordinary girls out there, I always wanted to live like that. I don’t mean to say that we are unhappy but I wanted to stress the fact that we undergo a lot of compromises and sacrifices.” said Tamannah adding, “We will struggle to grab more opportunities in films. Director is the captain and we have to act as per his requirements.”