Tamil Star’s Answer To Heart Attack Rumours


Ajith-Heart-AttackRivalry between fans of top stars is making these fans take some extreme steps. One such fan has other day created a fake twitter account of Tamil Superstar Ajith’s manager and shared that the big hero suffered from a massive heart stroke. That’s disgusting, isn’t it?

Jumping into the scene in no time, Ajith’s manager Suresh Chandra clarified media that someone has created a fake twitter account of him and started publicising the wrong news. Within no time, he met Cyber police and find out about the guy who has done all these things. He happens to be fan of another star hero. Guess what, many people are still not believing that Ajith is safe, hale and healthy. Finally Ajith has jumped into scene to make things sort out.

He has simply visited the editing studio of his latest movie “Vedhalam” where director Siva and his team are busy preparing the First Copy of the film. Surprised by Ajith’s visit, everyone took snaps with him and posted on social networks. That made things clear that Ajith is fine. What a way to answer rumours!!