Tammareddy Warns BJP MP


tammareddy-bharadwaj-about-pawan-kalyan-politicsSenior director, producer Tammareddy Bharadwaj is known to respond strongly on various contemporary issues. In latest, Tammareddy issued strong warning to the ruling BJP leaders.

BJP MP Chintamani Malaviya recently said, ‘in the familes of filmmakers, women change their husbands every day. I will slap the directors who are troubling me with evil designs with my slippers.’

Tammareddy responding to it, released a video on his official youtube pace in which he issued a strong warning. He said, if Malavia crosses his limits we will teach him a fitting lesson.

‘If you have a problem with the person you criticise him personally rather than targeting whole film industry. How can an MP insult the wives of those in the film industry. If anyone thinks that they can do whatever they can just because they have power and government in their hands, film industry will not keep quiet. No one knows can estimate the consequences if film industry unites,’ Tammareddy warned.