Taxiwaala Made Vijay Fight With Producers?


The gossipmongers in the Industry are hell bent on saying that this latest buzz is true and even though few sources are denying it, the gossip is spreading like wildfire.

According to them, Vijay Devarakonda has asked producers to release his yet-to-release film, Taxiwala on streaming sites rather than in theaters.

He is worried that the movie might not appeal to wider section of audiences. Until Geetha Govindam, he is comfortable with such filmmaking but he now realised that he needs to think more inclusively of appealing to wider range of audience before selecting the movie.

Also, as the movie portions have already leaked, he doesn’t want to spoil his growing graph with an underperformer also too.

Producers did not like the idea and told him that hits and flops are common and he shouldn’t think about it so much.

They want to release the movie in theatres as the opening can recover the budget if the movie is promoted right looking at Vijay’s popularity. Movie could release in November or December it seems.