TDP MLC’s OA: Tammareddy Explosive Reaction!


TDP MLC Rajendra Prasad targeting Tollywood Celebs for remaining mum on the ongoing fight for Special Category Status. He dared to say Actors who complain about Awards don’t bother about the interests of the state and they are leading the lives of slaves in Hyderabad. He asked Telugu Celebs to learn from Tamil Actors who actively participated in Jallikattu movement.

Tammareddy Bharadwaj lashed out at MLC Rajendra Prasad for unnecessarily blaming Tollywood Celebs. ‘What has TDP Government done in the past four years? They took an u-turn after Pawan Kalyan’s revolt. CM himself told Special Status isn’t sanjeevani, let’s accept Special Package. Today, These people are questioning Film Celebs. Why do they drag Film Celebs unnecessarily into the issue? Which Film Celeb did Rajendra Prasad target? Why because, Pawan Kalyan has already spoken about it. Mohan Babu, Vishnu, Nikhil, Shivaji had shared their views. Balakrishna is in TDP itself. Directors like Boyapati who were taking care of Pushkaram arrangements are in the ruling party. Many of the biggies in the Industry have association with TDP. Where are they now & why don’t TDP ask them to react? Myself, Sampoornesh Babu and Mahesh Kathi got arrested during Visakha protest. It was this Government which arrested us then. Koratala Siva has already given statement. Many other celebs are reacting. What else do they want?,’ he questioned.

The Filmmaker alleged TDP Leaders are trying to use Film Celebs for their political mileage. ‘It was the same Leaders who killed Special Status movement in the past four years. These Leaders questioned why Film Celebs get involved in Politics during Visakha protest. What is he speaking now?,’ asked the Veteran.

Reacting on the comment that Heroes are only good at chasing Heroines, Tammareddy shot back: ‘Can I say Politicians only knew how to loot the people? He warns that film screenings will be stopped. I challenge him to do it if he is really capable. Is this the way you seek support? These Leaders have begun the fight just 10 days ago. They are trying to divert the attention of the public from their failures and inability. Until Yesterday, They abused Pawan Kalyan. Now, They targeted Film Industry. Tomorrow, They gonna blame someone else. First of all, TDP Leaders has to make the Celebs to whom they had distributed Nandi Awards offer statements in support of Special Status’.