Teaser Talk: Raai Laxmi gone complete nvde?


Raai Laxmi, debuted a decade ago in Telugu Cinema with Kanchanamala Cable TV. The actress after that movie tried to transform herself into a more slim look and succeed still, she did not get many offers in Telugu. In Tamil, she did find some fans with Mankatha and Kanchana but still, she enjoyed very limited appeal.

But early this year, as Ratthalu, in Khaidi No.150, she got famous by shaking her leg with Megastar Chiranjeevi. Now, the actress has decided to go North and enter the Hindi film Industry with an erotic thriller, Julie 2. The movie is a sequel to a movie that came a decade ago with Neha Dhupia in the lead.

Director Deepak Sivadasani, said he will be exposing Mafia in a very bold film, but the teaser tried to show Raai Laxmi on a beach going back less, removing bikini and being completely nude from back to the camera. Well, we have to wait and see, what the movie will be clearly about but going by the teaser, Raai Laxmi seems to shed all the inhibitions and clothes too! See for yourself to believe: