Teja Shares That He Is Confident About Sita!


Director of the film Sita, Teja has been one of the rare directors of TFI who saw huge success early in his career and then always felt the need to repeat his films to stay so. But he could only attain success again when he changed his story.

Teja acknowledged that in an interview and said, “I gave many disasters and no body could have made such films like me and Nene Raju Nene Mantri was required to show world that I can write different stuff from those love stories!”

He made a sensational yet honest observation that Telugu Cinemas are male dominated and he wishes to change that. He reminded that he could create strong female characters in his films like Nuvvu Nenu, Nijam, Jayam.

He said that it comes naturally to him to write such strong female characters and hoped that people will love Sita, as it is a story of strongest female lead ever on a Telugu Screen.

He said, “I love the way women are treated in some of those world films. We should be able to give women good characters and I did the same in Sita.

I first kept the title as Savitri, but changed to Sita as someone already registered previous one. This is a subversion of mythology as Sita always lived in the boundaries of society and this Sita decides her boundaries.

I hope people will enjoy a different experience on screen and this was a story I had in mind from past 8 years. Kajal did give her best and I am pleased to see her growth as her first film director!” Sita is releasing on 24th May. Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas acted as the male lead in the film.

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