This Is How Television Sivagami Looks!!


If it is either a story line or characterisation, then umpteen times most Indian films copied Ramayana and Mahabharatha, claiming that as inspiration. And these days, our directors are carving out stories basing on some Asian films as well. But surprisingly, one particular film is being copied for the third time now.

Way back in 2009, a Hongkong and French film “Vengeance” has come into the Indian market, thanks to the piracy torrents. Inspired by that time, while director Surender Reddy and team have carved out Jr NTR’s “Oosaravelli” movie, writer BVS Ravi crafted Gopi Chand’s “Wanted” movie. While that Hongkong movie is a super hit, these two Telugu films are disasters. Even after looking at the results, our makers are not leaving that “Vengeance” alone.

Other day release “Patel SIR” also featured a “Vengeance” inspired story line only. The primary plot of this film is, a family gets murdered by a big mafia don and one person from the family seeks who has memory loss issues seeks revenge on them. Making some modifications to these elements and creating new heroes in between these scenes, our Tollywood churned out some bad stories.

Well, sometimes adaptation requires good writing skill rather blatantly making some silly changes which don’t work. But seriously, stop copying this film dudes!!Sivagami-in-TV-Series