Telugu Boothu Song Going Viral Now


Whether it is to gain attention or to market their film big time, many filmmakers these days are making use of cuss words. One has to blame “Arjun Reddy” for that, for starting the trend of using highly inflammable ‘boothulu’ in teasers, trailers and also in the film. Here comes a successor to it.

Apparently, a song that goes by the lyric ‘Endi Ra Ee Janala Gola’ is trending on social media now for using boothulu like ‘f**k’ and ‘savade**i’ in the rap part of it. This song is from an upcoming film “Needi Naadi Oke Katha” that has Sri Vishnu playing the lead. One wonders if this song will make it to the film, but at least the makers should have ‘beeped’ the cuss words, isn’t it?

There are two debatable aspects of these boothu songs, however. On the brighter side, we are turning up like a USA and UK where rappers come up with songs that feature cuss words and the whole world is enjoying them. Eminem’s songs are an example of that. But the opposite is that these cuss words encourage many youths to speak them quite superfluously in real life also.

For now, many are shocked to find that a talented hero like Sri Vishnu has come up with such a song for his film. Directed by newcomer Venu Udugula, the film has music composed by Suresh Bobbili, including this boothu song.